Monday, August 25, 2014

Work Begins

August, 24, 2014

            First off I would like to apologize to everyone for being a little late on this update but real life has reared its ugly head with the start of the new school year, and I might have marathoned Sword Art Online last week.  In a nut shell it is a story about a group of people stuck in a virtual reality role playing game, where death in the game, means death in the real world.  I know that sounds cheesy but it works, and works well.  It has a good mix of action and drama despite being rushed in a few places.  I wish it would have been a 50 episode series instead of a 25 epside series, a second season was just released.  Woohoo!  (Dave I think it’s one you should check out and its right up in John’s room waiting for you.  Also dad four of those English songs I gave you came from the show.)  FYI parts of this show might be used in my next Anime science blog post.

This one’s more for Dave

Now that being said it’s been a busy and interesting week.

Chris 1 Mongolia 0

            I had my first run out on the roads of UB and it was an interesting one.  For starters the road leading away from the school could double as a mogul slope in the winter.  Now the street at the bottom of the hill is nicer, but it does not have a side walk so I have to run on the berm.  Now the berm is less a small strip of gravel and more a mishmash of rubble, open manholes, and partially constructed ditches.  If I make it two years without breaking an ankle it will be a small miracle.  Thankfully that particular stretch is short and the road opened up to a more traditional gravel berm, as I ran by the river for a short while.  It’s not a bad stretch as long as you trust the Mongolian divers not to hit you, as you weave around the parked cars.

So it was something like this only worse

Mongolian Weather

            So Mongolia has been a little bit hotter than I expected with the weather hitting the high 80s last week.  It is a dry heat so it’s not as bad, but with no AC the buildings did warm up quite a bit during the day.  Over the weekend however it was a completely different story starting Thursday night.  This was the view as I looked up from my desk.

            I don’t know about the rest of you, but my first thought was what the hell, and cool this is just like in Independence Day.   Despite the massive clouds rolling in all that ended up happening was some wind and a heavy drizzle.  My student’s mentioned getting some hail from the storm, in other parts of the city.  I guess the big blue sky must get some clouds every once in a while.  After the storm the day time temperature dropped into the mid 50’s and I had to break out the vests.

Mongolian Culture Show

            Wow, just wow, last Monday the school took us to the Mongolian Culture show and despite being dead tired it was amazing.  The music and dancing was incredible, during a couple of sequences I was half expecting someone to break out with Arnold Schwartzineger’s Crush your Enemies.  No pictures were allowed during the show and the clips below are only a shadow of what I got to see live in the third row, just off the center.  There were a couple of bits that would fit right in with any Bruckheimer film and the costumes were amazing.  It was amazing to see all of the different cultural crossovers with China, India, and Korea.  Also some of their traditional dress would fit right in with American Indians.  This makes sense considering that humanity first migrated to North American from Asia.

Mongolian Dancing

Traditional Horse dance

Mongolian Throat Singing

            The first day of school went well and I think it’s going to be a good year, but man are their names hard to pronounce.

Final note
Oh that container that I thought was Salami.  Yeah it turned out to be some kind of weird cheese.