Sunday, September 21, 2014

Long Week

September 21, 2014

               Sorry for the late update everyone.  I know last week’s was a little early, but it’s now Sunday night and a bit later than I planned on getting to this.  However to make up for it I have a lot of pictures.  It was a short week this week with PD (professional development) on Friday, but I still had plenty of work to do with a field trip with my freshmen and tests in all of my classes.  Now to begin we have some of the missing pictures from my hike to Bogdkhan Uul, and no I don’t know why they have mysteriously reappeared on my memory card.



Yes I think that is a Ger roof for the Entrance

Yes that is a Camel, a Bactrian to be exact.  Don’t worry Dave it’s not the one that you and Joy are getting.

And now a real Ger.  Don’t ask why it is on wheels because I don’t have a clue

Now for some shots from around Zaisan (that’s the part of the city where I’m living)
I didn’t know that Autospa had a branch in Mongolia.

               I’m getting used to living in Mongolia and slowly making the necessary adjustments to not having access to certain things, dryer, dry cleaner, dish washer, etc….. Speaking of things like that I manage to make a bit of a fool of myself on Friday, after we were given the instructions for the next homeroom activity.  The students are making a quilt out of old fabric that will be raffled off to raise money for local orphanages.  To make a long story short my question was how I can help the students with their sewing if I don’t know how to sew myself.  The last time I heard anything about sewing it was in Medical school and they weren’t talking about fabric.  All eyes turned to me and one of my fellow teachers asked me how I put buttons back on.  Um… the dry cleaner was my reply.  I was then told that several teachers could give me lessons, and not to worry since most of the kids would know how to sew.

               Anyhow you know your living abroad when you get excited over a new grocery store.  It’s a little further away than Good Price but it has a decent selection.  I don’t know if I will use it that often, but it’s nice to know that it is there.  It doesn’t have almond milk and a few other things I normally buy.

John you will have to tell me if these are any good

The Golden Buddha outside the store, that I have yet to get over to and explore.

And now the bottom of the Zaisan Monument that was under construction when I went there.

               And now for the local manholes that need covers, and that the locals think nothing of.  I made it a point to highlight them while running with my Cross Country kids and they just shrugged and kept going.  However story goes that a teacher that was at the school several years back broke both her legs falling in one.  These are on the way to my normal grocery store.

               Next up is my field trip to the river with all of my students cut out of the frame for obvious reasons.  It was a scant 15-20 minute walk from the campus, and they were great the whole time.

               It is a nice little spot, but as you can see while it would be easy to get the boats in the water it is far too shallow and rocky to row on.  I also think there is significant spring flooding given how flat and broad the river bank is.  Sadly the plans for Mehargs Mongolian Rowing Team must be shelved.

               I’ve been steadily expanding my exposure to the restaurants of Ulaanbaatar, and today was brunch with a number of teachers.  We also had two tourists that one of the teachers met recently who are in Mongolia for a month.  It was a German theme, (probably due to October Fest coming up), with the waitresses wearing the Dirndl.  The food was more lunch than brunch, but it was still really good.  I had hash browns, some kind of pasta bacon veggie dish, mushroom gravy soup thing, chicken, peppers carrots and cabbage, croissant with blueberry jam, raisin cinnamon roll, some kind of melon, some other kind of melon with black spots in it, some other thing with bacon in it, and water.  I was more interested in eating it, than figuring out what it was.  Oh and the entire buffet was 24 dollars.  After all that food we enjoyed a nice stroll down to center city and hit the bus to get back to the school.

               I got some tips on my upcoming trip to Terelj over fall break that I have yet to actually schedule.  Oh and I might be trying some rock climbing soon.  In other vacation news I’ve got my plane tickets to and from Thailand so if anyone has any advice on where to Scuba Dive or what to see I’m all ears.  Well that’s about it for now.

FYI- Today’s high 50 F Low 24 F

PS- With the Scottish Vote now over maybe now I’ll get something else on the news.  I also have some interesting news for the Californian’s.  It turns out that most of the teachers that I know from the school are from California, specifically Mendicina, Nappa, and East Bay.