Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mega post and Mom was Right


     Another day, another 1,850 Turgiks.  This week was a fairly average week for the most part, teaching, coaching, grading, you know the standard teaching stuff.  I’d say the highlights were the freshmen complaining about watching videos in class so I cut them out.  So of course now they are begging to get some videos again.  They are still a good bunch though, a little chatty at times, but show me freshmen that aren’t.  They are good kids so I don’t mind, I also freak them out when I caught them watching the Erza vs. Kagura vs. Minerva fight from Fairy Tail during lunch and say how I liked that episode.  Cue their shocked face.

Here is a video of the fight

     I know there is a bit of an ass pull at the end and the clothing damage is a bit much but it’s still a pretty good fight.

     FYI- It was a bunch of girls watching it, not the guys.  I think the girls watch it for the plot and friendship, the guy’s well we like it for the fights and well you’ll see what the female designs look like if you watch the video.  The guys were more interested in talking about the end of the History’s Mightiest Disciple Kenichi Manga which finally ended Sept 17.  They really need to make the rest of it into an anime.

Now the sixth graders were a different story.

     “Ok, guys we have a lot to do today, so you need to sit down right away.  The sooner we get started with the notes, the sooner you can go to the lab and work with the microscopes.”
Cue- (Ignore the narration)

     The kiddies were great, we blew through the lesson, and headed over to the lab to learn how to use the microscopes.  Honestly I have to say I was really surprised at how well they did, nothing broke and they made their own slides.  The kids even focused the microscopes correctly.  In case you are wondering I did not just let them run wild, I used a heavily scripted directed walk through.  It still worked though and the kids had a lot of fun looking at their own slides and homemade slides.
Oh, but there is more, the next day I’m stuck trying to figure out what activity to use for bacteria as there are not many for middle school kids.  This is when I realize, that I have some Mongolian yogurt in the back of my refrigerator.

     I can have my students examine the bacteria growing in my Mongolian yogurt that is 11 days past the expiration date and I already have a lab premade for that.  Cue another happigasm from the kiddos and we are off to the lab.

FYI- Mongolian yogurt looks more like a vanilla milk shake than yogurt

     The lab again went off without a hitch and I was again surprised by how careful they were with everything.  Oh and the kids did not think expired yogurt was disgusting although one girl did ask to have some for a snack.  She quickly changed her mind when I told her about the expiration date though.

     This next one is for John and any other foodies.  I don’t know what it is but it tastes good.
You are looking at what I had for lunch two days this week.  Near as I can tell it’s some kind of meat bun (lamb I think) with some veggies mixed in.  Oh so good……

But wait there is more…..

     It is some kind of carrot slaw made without the most disgusting ingredient known to man, mayonnaise.  Oh so good I could eat this stuff all day.  The rest of lunch is either mashed potatoes or rice.

Another slaw I've been served

     If you have been reading this long, you are most likely thinking, get to the dam point and tell us how mom was right.  So it goes something like this….

               “Chris I am sure that other teachers will be arranging trips and activities while you are in Mongolia.”
               “Yes, but I don’t want to wait for something is still a possible unknown.”

     With one week to go I am now part of a group of teachers taking a trip to the countryside over the upcoming fall break.   Specifically the 5 day trip will involve 3 days of horseback riding.  I’ve never ridden a horse before….. This is going to be interesting.

Some pictures from the brochure

Oh and Dad was also right

               “When am I every going to need a sport jacket?”
               “What if you get invited to the embassy or something?”
               “Yeah right, like that is going to happen.”

     Well it did happen, the teachers and a date got an invitation to the Marine Core ball if we want to attend.  It does sound interesting, now I just need to find a date.

Grand Med Hospital

     I was going to end the blog here, but the teachers got a tour of three non-state run hospitals today so I thought I would fill you guys in.  Now the first of the three hospitals is located about three quarters of a mile away from the school just up the street from where I take the cross country kids running sometimes.  The school is located where pictures are.

     If it weren't for the Mongolian language signs, it would fit right in with some of the posh private hotels found in the west.  It’s also quite new obtaining its license in 2009 with all of the doctors coming from South Korea.  The English slogan on the back reads as follows.

               “You no longer need to travel abroad for costly spinal surgeries.  Our hospital presents an opportunity for you to save on the following costs.  Consultations, Visas, Airfare, Hotel, Diagnostic fees, travel costs for a caregiver.

     So first thing I had to do is put on these neat little booties over my shoes when I stepped inside.
As you can see the floors are a nice marble to, very posh.

     Continuing with the posh theme there is an internet cafe and bar on the top floor that also has a nice view of the surrounding area. That’s Zaisan in the middle and school is behind the buildings on the right.

     The forest you see in the background is where I went hiking a few weeks back and that’s Frank (the guy on the tablet) one of the computer teachers in the foreground.

     Now the next picture is going to need some explaining.  The hospital has a variety of rooms and services including Internal medicine, traditional medicine, each with their own wings, pain management, rehabilitation, OBGYN, surgery, dental and VIP services.  They offer standard rooms which include a TV, couch, and minibar, and VIP rooms which are nicer than some of the hotel rooms I’ve stayed in.  The PR lady giving the tour was very excited to explain how the paint and floors were antibacterial, the curtains were fire proof, and all of the other safety features.  In all it was quite nice and I would have no problem seeking treatment there.  Now it comes to the cost, a VIP room is 130 dollars US and the standard room 100$ dollars US, a fraction of what you might pay in the states.  How do they do this you ask, honestly I have no idea but I think the prison (seen below) right next door has something to do with it.  Maybe that is where jerk ass insurance workers and lawyers are sent.

     Now don’t worry its only minimum security and holds a lot of juvenile offenders.

Inter Med Hospital

               The Inter med hospital is even newer with its grand opening only a few weeks ago.  It is just as nice if not nicer than the Grand Med, but it is a little further away.  All of their doctors are foreign trained and they speak English.  The facility was built by the Australians with numerous little bells and whistles built into the walls to reduce infection risk.  Not that they told us what those were, they did mention their new electronic medical records system and how it was easy for them to share all of the information with whoever needs it, no word on HIPA compliance though.  It alsohas a partnership with the Korea University Medical Center.

     The hospital offers the full range of medical specialties including an ER and a Cuban dentist.

Surgery suite

Listed below are some of their prices in US dollars

Basic package- $154
Doctors visit
Eye exam
Chest X-ray
Abdominal ultra sound
Blood type
Liver function
Kidney function
Lipid profile
And two of the following cancer markers

Comprehensive package- $1,772
Doctors visit
Dietician consult
Eye exam
Dental exam
Hearing test
Pulmonary function
Bone density scan
Esophageal endoscopy
Gynecology exam
Thyroid and abdominal ultrasound
Prostate ultrasound
Cardiac CT with contrast
Chest CT with contrast
Abdominal CT with contrast
Brain MRI
Stool exam
Blood type
Anemia screening
PT time
Liver function
Pancreatic function
Diabetic screening
Kidney function
Lipid profile
Cardiac profile
Thyroid function
Mineral function
Liver, colon, pancreatic, gastric cancer markers
Breast, prostate cancer markers
Liver virus

Songdo Hospital

               The final hospital on the tour and it looked more like you would expect being outside of the US, not that it was bad, just different.  Not much to say about this one as it was more barebones compared to the previous two hospitals with a regular costing about $30 a night.  The one highlight would be trying to use the elevator and overloading with just four people.  It was rated for 6 people or 450kg, I don’t think they planned on three former American HS football players getting on at the same time.  The rest of the tour we used the freight elevator.  Darn tiny Mongolians.

Basic testing- $243
Doctors visit
Blood type
Liver function
PT time
Viral tests- Hep A, B, C, H. pylori, HIV
Cancer markers- ovarian, prostate
Urine and stool
Pulmonary function
Chest X ray
Bone density
Sonograms- abdominal, thyroid, prostate
Pap smear
Eye test
Hearing test
Dental exam

Gold screening test- $919
Everything in basic plus the following
Cancer- liver, stomach, colon, breast, stomach
Pulse wave diagnostic
Stress test
Brain MRI with contrast
Chest CT
Abdominal CT
Pelvic CT
Ca score

     Wow this week’s post was a long one, I will leave you with this.  The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning is 1 to 3 inches of snow.