Friday, October 3, 2014

Winter Has Begun

October 5, 2014


     Yes I know it was only September but I have had the first snow of the long Mongolian winter.  When I saw the forecast, I thought I might see a few flurries and maybe a dusting.

     Clearly this was not the case.  When the snow finally ended we got about two inches here in Mongolia.  It may not look like it from the pictures, but the Mongolians really don’t believe in salt, gravel, shoveling, or plowing.  Oh and in the first picture, that is my apartment building on the right and the school on the left.  About the only way I could have a shorter commute is by putting a cot in the classroom.

     Seeing as it was Sunday and I was out of food I had to brave the snow, which by this point was melting, and head to the grocery store.  The store was surprisingly calm with no rushes on milk and bread, frankly I don’t even think the Mongolians thought much of it, except for turning up the heater.  I can now smell the coal fires from the Gers around the city.  Hhhhmmm Barbeque.

Zaisan Monument covered in Snow

Cityscape from the grocery store

And finally the cows

     I’ve talked about them for a while now, and here they are.  The wandering cows of Zaisan, I was tempted to get some fresh milk, but I don’t know who the cow belongs to and I don’t actually know how to milk one.  Somehow I think it is a bit more complex than just grab and pull.

     The rest of the week was pretty normal and nothing to special going on in the classroom, besides having my freshmen make bulletin boards about a biome of their choosing.   We host a cross country race, 1.5 miles for the middle school, and 3 miles for the high school.  I had the fun, job of standing at the half way point, which coincidentally was located right across from the prison entrance.  Our team cleaned house placing one or two kids in the top three in each category and one of our middle school runners passed all but 2-3 high school kids on the first lap.

Halfway point

Prison entrance

     In other news my anime science blog is getting some notice from a few anime journalists.  It’s more or less just getting placed on their link of recommended links, but I’ll take what I can get.

Oh and don’t worry I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures while I’m out horseback riding.