Monday, November 17, 2014

Another day another 1850 Turgiks


               Sorry it’s a little late this week guys, but it’s been a little busy here recently, so it’s also going to be a little short.  Well to start things off electricity still hates me as I fried my blender this week when I tried to use it to blend some peas for a Bio lab.  However all of my recent electrical mishaps are proving quite useful in my Science 9 class as we are now in the electricity unit. Science in action people!

               The big social event of the week was quiz night at a local bar in the city, against other teams of expats.  Getting there was a bit of an adventure, because the only safe way to drive in Mongolia is with a tank.  The buses well, I don’t think the drivers love the accelerator a little too much.  If I wasn't leaning against one of the poles I probably would have been thrown to the ground.  One of my fellow quiz team members took to hanging from the handles like a spider monkey and swinging with the bus.  Just looking at him doing that made my nonexistent dinner want to explode all over the bus.



               My small team came in 5th place and I managed to help with a couple of questions.  We are thinking of doing it again in December.  Now for the pub food.  It was pretty good and reasonably priced at around 17 dollars US.

Cesar Salad- Woohoo green leafy stuff yum yum

Dubliner Irish Stew- Tasty but they really need to trim the meat, some were a little fatty and one had an artery attached

Mongolian Bacon round 2

               Mongolian bacon wins because it has bones in it

PS- I’m going to the ballet this weekend, Giselle, my seat is in the first ten rows.

PPS- I’m going to be doing my anime biology panel via skype at Sangawa Con in Pittsburgh as long as it works out on their end.