Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sights and Beaches of Phuket

The Sights and Beaches of Phuket

            A lot of pictures this time guys, and not so much on the writing.  There just isn’t much to say besides relax and enjoy the view or in this case the show

Chinese Temple

            Um yeah, I’m at a loss for words.  I didn’t expect the temple to be quite so busy.  The Buddhist temples I visited in Japan were nothing like this.  Most of them just felt more natural, dark unpainted wood, more low key ornamentation, and less bling.  At the end of the day it felt like a place of worship and frankly I don’t know what that place felt like.  If I had to say anything I would say a festival or parade ground, to each their own I guess.

Temple at Nara for comparison

Saphan Hin Mining Monument

            Honestly I was expecting something better and this was a little underwhelming.  I didn’t even know what it was until I got on the internet.  It is a monument to the first Iron ore dredging done by an Australian back in 1909, which radically changed the islands economy.

Beaches of Phuket

Path to the beach

Made me want to cry


Phuket Bay

            It was a nice walk through the trees and then along the beach, even with the trash littered about.  It was fairly secluded with only a few people fishing or sorting seashells.  Also I don’t think this is the main beach near Phuket City given how few people were there.  Now if you’re thinking like me (which your probably not) then all of this would remind you of Black Lagoon.  And I don’t mean the 1954 horror movie classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but the Manga written by Rei Hiroe.  The above picture is almost right out of the show.  If you’re curious then go look at my Anime Science blog.

Wildlife of Phuket

            I’m a biology teacher of course this was going to happen.

AnimalsSand Crab

            Sand crab is the nonscientific term for any number of species of crab that live in the intertidal zone on various beaches around the world.  The genus this little guy is in genus Ocypode, otherwise known as ghost crabs.  Ghost crabs are interesting little buggers beyond the fact that they blend in well with sand as seen above.  They are actually classified as semi terrestrial organisms that breathe air, through moist gills, which why you see them running to and from the surf.  They cannot effectively breathe underwater and will eventually drown if kept underwater indefinitely.  (Well shit, learn something new every day I guess).  The crabs are primarily nocturnal, feeding on small animals, and animal remains.  Near as I can figure the species of ghost crab pictured above is Ocypode nobilii classified in 1902.

Some kind of Bird (Just don’t ask me what species)

Here lizard, Lizard



            FYI- The coconut is technically a drupe, not a nut.  A nut has a dry fruit with one or two seeds, and a drupe has a fleshy outer covering (all of the white stuff inside the coconut), surrounding the seed.  Also they can be used for just about everything, food, housing, medicine, writing, and even toothbrushes.

Duran fruit (and one thing I did not get to try while I was in Thailand)

                   Due to the rather distinctive smell it is banned on mass transit

                   I was also told that there are two basic varieties, one that tastes really good and one that well it’s not so good.  I never got to try it so I can’t confirm that yet.

Hey I just thought they looked nice and I wanted to play with the macro settings


Cool Statue

Thai Buddhist Temple (or at least the map says it is)

            I ran into a small problem while exploring the temple, and it can be summed up in one word shoes.  I know that Asia in general has the whole take your shoes off before you go inside somewhere important thing.  Not surprisingly I haven’t really seen that too much in Mongolia yet.  (Probably because your feet would froze off during a majority of the year.)  Anyway in Japan it was always easy to tell, because there would be a shoe rack near the entrance, in Thailand not so much.  Thus I had a Thai woman pointing and speaking sharply in Thai at me for a moment which I think meant one of two things.
            1- Take your shoes off you dumbass American
            2- Can’t you see we are closed for a festival you dumb ass American

            My vote is on number 1.

This reminds me of Ghandi for some reason

Looks very familiar to the guardian dogs found around temples in Japan


            If it’s anything like its Japanese counterpart it is a guardian beast for the temple.

More Chinese Temple bling

Suanchalermprakait 72 (don’t ask me how to pronounce it)

            This park was built in 2004 to commemorate the queens 72nd birthday.  It also happens to be one of the coolest places in Phuket City itself, and it is not listed on the map.  The maps in Thailand leave a lot to be desired with some places left off, or just not very good at helping you maneuver through the city.  There could be many reasons for this, including that I might actually be bad at reading maps, but I think that it’s so you are forced to take a taxi, which in Phuket is the tuk-tuk.

            The tuk tuk is an automotive abomination, first created by Japanese and exported to Thailand in 1934. It is a Frankenstein’s monster combining a motorcycle and a taxi, into a death trap.  Seriously I get an image of an expensive ER visit just by looking at it.  Not to mention how they constantly zip in and out of traffic.  The worst part is the drivers, they will jump at the sight of a westerner.

“Do you need taxi, take tuk tuk,”
“No, I’m just walking around,”
“Is far, let me take you,”
“No, I’ll just walk,”
“Is faster,”

            “No god dam it, I don’t need a #$#$%$^^&$##!#&&* tuk tuk,” Well that is what I’m thinking anyway.  The best advice is to avoid eye contact and walk by real fast.  I’m sorry but they annoy the crap out of me.   Anyway back to the park


            Yes I like dragons, they are cool, and in Thailand they think people are crunchy and taste good with oyster sauce.

            It’s a little run down but it was still a very nice find, and a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Phuket city.

Patong Beach

            Patong is on the other side of the island a good 30-40 min bus ride from Phuket, and if Phuket is where the Thai live, Patong is the where the tourists flock to.  That’s not to say that there are no tourists in Phuket, there are, it’s just that Patong is a major tourist area.  This shows in the quantity and quality of the beach.  (Note I may have just gone to the wrong part of Phuket)