Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The cold or the lack there of


            Sorry for the late post guys, but things have been a bit busy lately, finals, and semester grades and all that.  Not much to report here other than the weather, and I did use the ice skating rink for a bit of ice walking since I couldn't find the ice skates.  Well I did find them eventually, but they were locked in a closet.  A fun time was still had by all though.

            Anyway Mongolia is supposed to be cold, hell is freezing over cold, and the kind of cold that makes you think getting above freezing is a balmy spring day.  Now don’t get me wrong Mongolia is plenty cold, significantly colder than normal winters in Red Bank, New Jersey, and Reading Pennsylvania.  While we have had some significantly cold days -20s and all that, not to mention the field trip to the Salkhit Wind Farm (-35F at least), it has been unseasonably warm as of late.  For the last two to three weeks it’s been in the double digits, and it even hit 31F this week.  Still cold for sure, but I don’t even need a jacket or sweat shirt to walk to work anymore.

            Well that’s it for this week, and the next Thailand post will becoming real soon and will make up for the brevity.

PS- almost forgot something

          Yes that is ice cream in a bag, and it is delicious.  The best ice cream I've ever had.  The ingredients were, milk, cream, butter, sugar, water, and vanilla.  No extra additives, and preservatives, the ice cream is extremely thick, and smooth, with a rich flavor.