Monday, March 30, 2015

Always an Adventure in Mongolia

An evening out in Mongolia

            No sadly it’s not what you are thinking.  (Sorry mom still single)  This is just what happens when an American (me) and an Australian (Kelvin) go out to eat because I have no food in my apartment.  It all started out innocently enough as we trudged through the melting snow to the Zaisan Gate Hotel and for once I was the one taking Kelvin to a new Mongolian eatery.

Hey I think the Pollution is lightening up I can actually see the mountains on the other side of the city.

Yup the land of the big blue sky is back baby.

            This was the weather just a few hours earlier and before I show you there is a little something to go with it.  Today was supposed to be the day of the big all school hike up into the hills shown above, only it was raining and sleeting as I trudged to work.  The hike was canceled and I went to talk to the AD about the weather conditions and cross country running outside as it was supposed to stop raining soon.

            “As long as the rain stops, and there is no snow or ice on the ground we should be ok to go outside.”

15 minutes later

By Lunch time

            So yeah I just had to say it didn't I.

            The cows are back in town

            And I think that it might be our dinner as it is standing right next to the restaurant.  Yes the Mongolians looked at us funny for taking pictures of cows.

            Well what do you know, it actually was our dinner.  Yum, filet, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes.

            That was Kelvin’s since I already tore into mine.  Hey I was hungry and it was as good as it looks.  Sadly it was a little on the small side, but hey there is desert right.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the cake I had last time so I had to settle for ice cream.

            Kelvin- Are you really going to eat that?
            Me- It’s just ice cream
            Kelvin- It will kill you
            Me- I only have it once and a while, and what about you Mr. fast food
            Kelvin- I only have it once a month

Shopping with Kelvin

            Kelvin- you look really at home in there
            Me- Hu it’s just the cereal isle and it’s so much more than just a breakfast food
            Kelvin- ………….


            Me- Ugh green peppers
            Kelvin- You realize that the green ones turn orange if you let it sit out on the counter long enough
            Me- how is it that the business teacher knows that, but the biology teacher doesn't
            (By this point I think the other shoppers think we’re nuts)

And finally

            Kelvin- how can you eat that?
            Me- What they’re vegetables
            Kelvin- They’re in a can
            Me- What it’s just a can
            Kelvin- ……….

Walking home

            Kelvin- watch out its getting icy
            Me- I’ll be fine it’s……… dang it Kelvin
            Always an adventure in Mongolia even if the locals think we’re nuts

Anime Nerd Rage

            If you've been following along back in January I posted about how I was not holding out high hopes for the newest installment in the Nanoha franchise and sadly I was right.  The latest teaser trailer is awful.  Here see it for yourself.

            The most striking problem to me is the character designs, all of the faces look like they took a few good whacks from a frying pan, and it just looks weird.  Secondly the backgrounds are to mundane, nothing like the high tech futuristic cityscapes that were shown in Strikers.  Lastly I think too much time will be spent on the cutesy angle.  I could go on, but I will control myself this time as I did get see alien ship monsters get punched in the face during the recent Kancolle finale.  That show had its own issues, but at least I got my big fights and explosions.