Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rain in Mongolia?

April Showers Bring May Flowers

            This old western proverb from 1886, still holds true, or at least I think it will here in Mongolia.  It was a little late on the rain since it only arrived today, and May starts tomorrow, but we will just have to wait and see if it is enough to make the flowers bloom.

Time stamp- 8am

Time Stamp 8:15pm

            The big surprise along with the rain is how warm the weather has gotten.  I fully expected it to be in the 40 and 50s through April and a better part of May, but it’s already in the 60s and 70s.  A few days ago we even cracked the 80s.  Honestly it’s not bad, since it is a dry heat, and a welcome change from the winter.  The pollution has also decreased along with the weather since there is less of a need to burn coal in the gers now for warmth.  The river finally melted and made me think of rowing again but the Tuul River is rocky and shallow, not a good combination.  Running by the river is a nice way to relax after a day of teaching, the scenery is nice, the traffic isn't bad and it is not too crowded.  The only downside is the last few times I’ve gone running there is a guy cooking some kind of barbecue and it smells so good.  I get hungry each time I run by it so I’m starving by the time I get back.

I really need to stop doing this

            Stupid pens, someone need to make a washing machine safe pen.  I would buy hundreds of them.  Seriously I think the people at the washing machine and detergent companies don’t understand how men do laundry.

1- Dump overflowing laundry basket in the machine
2- Pour in detergent
3- Set machine for the highest settings and let it run
4- Put in the dryer or in my case hang it out to dry
5- Collect and dump on bed
6- Wear as needed
7- Put away during Skype calls with parents
8- Repeat as needed

            See very simple and effective, the perfect way to keep your clothes clean.  I should patent this and teach classes on how to do laundry.  What do you think is Chris Meharg’s Laundry ready for Shark Tank, or should I go with Chris Meharg’s Asia.

            Personally I think Chris Meharg’s Asia sounds better, but I think it’s a little too similar to Rick Steve’s Europe and I rather avoid the law suit.  Then there is the problem, of having only visited a few countries at this point, not to mention who would want to listen to me anyway.  Well here are my two main pieces of advice.

1- Why not
2- Try anything once


            I guess I have truly moved into my apartment now that I have plants.  I’m a biologist with an interest in medicine, not a plant expert, so don’t ask me what they are.  Now let’s just see how long I can keep these plants alive.