Saturday, November 14, 2015

South Korea Day 5

South Korea Day 5

            Long overdue, but it still needs to be done, so here it is the next segment of my week long jaunt through Seoul.  Now last time I took the day long trip through the DMZ, which was a lot of fun if a bit crazy at times.  Day five was a bit more relaxing as I took a bike tour around the city, which just so happens to be my favorite way to see a city.  It was also a small group, with a brother sister pair from Texas.  Apparently her reason for traveling to Korea was very similar to my reason for visiting Japan (anime), popular Korean media, otherwise known as K-drama.

Seoul History Museum Part 2

            Now for the inside of the museum.  On my second trip through the Museum, I was actually given enough time to read the English translations, and take a few pictures.

Nongno- or a Korean crane from the Joseon Dynasty

Husband’s room

Wife’s Room

Changing Times in Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

            While there are five palaces in Seoul this particular palace is the largest and the oldest built three years after the start of the Joseon Dynasty.  It served as the seat of power until the Japanese invasion in 1592, when it was burnt down.  The palace was not rebuilt after the invasion and the royal court moved to another palace, Changdeokgung.

            267 years later in 1867 the palace was rebuilt and reoccupied by the royal family.  Sadly this didn’t last very long as the royal family abandoned it for a smaller palace after the empress was assassinated by Japanese agents.  Now abandoned, the Japanese destroyed all but ten buildings.  The palace remained in this state until the Korean government began a still ongoing restoration in 1989.


Interior Gate

Throne Room

Living Room


Alright now for the rest of the Tour

            I would say the highlight of the day was the museum and palace tour.  Not to mention the guide was excellent, and more than willing to answer any and all questions.  The snacks were a nice touch to.  One more thing I really shouldn’t have waited until now to write more about that trip as I really didn’t write a whole lot of stuff down.

Down by the river

            If you don’t recognize this part then let me fill you in.  This is one of the roads that was used in the chase scene from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.  So I had a blast when that part of the movie came up since I had been there before.